Monday, April 28, 2014

"We Met You" tee! Get yours now!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

A few updates + new fundraiser (with a way to give to orphans)!

The update:
I finally got my official copies of my home study a week ago. Woohoo! On Monday morning, I sent my USCIS application in! It should arrive at the USCIS facility TODAY! That is so exciting to think about!

The fundraiser:
My newest fundraiser is all about giving to the orphans in Zola's country. I have 27 Beanie Babies that I no longer need. I figured that there was no better way to get them out of here than to donate them to the children in Zola's country who are still living in orphanages and waiting for their forever families!

The details
- For every $5* donation, you can "sponsor" a Beanie Baby and choose which one will travel with me to Eastern Europe. (*Chilly the polar bear, the big beanie, is $10)
- Once a beanie is sponsored, I will add your name to a "thank you" post stating which one you are sponsoring (if you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know).
- When I travel to Zola's country, I will bring all of the beanies with me that have been sponsored.
- To sponsor a beanie, please donate to my Reece's Rainbow FSP and e-mail me at or comment here with which beanie you'd like to sponsor.

My Beanie Baby collection!

(l-r): Congo the gorilla, Hoppity the bunny sponsored by Shelby J. (in honor of Callie), Rosalie the bear, Pouch the kangaroo sponsored by Donna J., and Stretch the ostrich

(l-r): Bongo the monkey #1 (a teeny beanie), Bongo the monkey #2 (a teeny beanie), Doby the doberman sponsored by Shelby J. (in honor of Logan), Derby the horse, Velvet the panther sponsored by Rebecca M., and Stripes the tiger

(l-r): (not a Beanie Baby) polar bear sponsored by Shelby J. (in honor of Francine), Almond the bear, Mystic the unicorn sponsored by sunflowerlove, Mel the koala, and Mel the koala #2 (a teeny beanie)

(l-r): Spinner the spider, Batty the bat, Claude the crab, Iggy the iguana, and Rainbow the chameleon sponsored by Amy K.

(l-r): Wise the owl (class of '98) sponsored by Cat H. (in honor of husband and daughter), Stretch the rooster sponsored by the Trenda family, Gracie the swan, Jabber the parrot sponsored by the Orta family, and Quackers the duck sponsored by Shelby J. (in honor of Faith)

Chilly the polar bear sponsored by Ilze L. (in honor of Andris). He's the $10 one, you can see the difference in size compared to regular sized Rainbow.