Saturday, February 6, 2016

Two months!

Octavia has been out of the orphanage for almost 10 weeks now and we've been home for 7 weeks (we got home 12/18).

Our trip home was uneventful. We flew from Octavia's country to Vienna, from Vienna to Newark, NJ, and then Newark home. The entire trip took just under 23 hours and Octavia did extremely well throughout the entire thing. For the long trip from Vienna to Newark, we had the entire middle section of seats to our self, which was nice because Octavia was a lap baby and we got to spread out a little more than we would have otherwise.
The first leg of our trip home!

Part of the welcome home crew! Octavia and I were really tired by this point! Recognize the sweatshirt & t-shirt in the front row and the pink shirt on the right? I sold those!

Since we got home, Octavia got to celebrate her first real Christmas.
Christmas Day

She is pulling herself up on people and furniture and loves to stand when I'm holding her hands. Being held and holding my hands to stand up are two of her favorite activities. Until we got home, she was only drinking formula and eating baby cereal. She's now eating solids and loves it, she especially likes to self feed. Three of her favorite foods are bananas, peas, and yogurt. She also loves to drink apple juice.

Left: The first picture I ever saw, she was 4 months old.
Right: A few days ago, at 14 months.

I've been back to work for three weeks now and Octavia loves her daycare. She gets to play with other children her age and the daycare woman's two girls (5 & 3) love to dote on Octavia. We're still working on getting our morning routine down but we're almost there!