Sunday, November 13, 2016

Happy Birthday! + Updates

This determined, delightful, and spirited little girl turned two on Thursday! She's turning into such a confident and sensitive girl, she amazes me every day. She's walking, talking more and more, and enjoys being read to.

We invited a few family members over yesterday for a small birthday party.

At the beginning of October, Octavia had a probe of her tear ducts and was supposed to have tubes put in but her tear ducts were too small for the tubes. The probe itself is supposed to be 75% effective, compared to the probe and tubes was supposed to be 85% effective. She still has some tearing but the doctor said that it's likely how she will be since her tear ducts are small. If it gets worse, we're supposed to go back to the ophthalmologist. In the picture below, you can see a little bit of tearing in her right eye.

The weather ended up being nice for the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk that we participated in last month. Here are two pictures that were taken by the local Down syndrome association.

Octavia loves to play in the leaves outside! 

For Halloween, Octavia dressed as a bumblebee. She was the cutest bumblebee you will ever see! We went trick-or-treating and she LOVED walking around the neighborhood and knocking on people's doors. She loves to knock on doors and windows, even if we're at home!

Since the weather has been usually nice this fall, we went to the zoo last weekend. The animals that were still out were loving the cooler weather and we got some good views of the bear and tigers. Octavia seemed to enjoy the zoo quite a bit!

I think that's all of the Octavia spam for today! She's growing and thriving! 

I was going through my emails on Friday and realized that 11/11 was the one year anniversary of when the agency wanted me to give them my preferred travel dates and her new name. It's crazy to think that one year ago, she wasn't yet my legal daughter. It feels like she's spent her entire life in my care.