Tuesday, November 28, 2017

School, Surgery, and More, Oh My!

Good evening!Apparently, I am bad at posting blogs I start to write. I started this post at the end of September and here we are at the end of November, the post still not published. 

Octavia is just finishing her 3rd month of preschool (and her new daycare!) She adjusted well to her new schedule and seems to enjoy going. It's amazing how much change I have seen from her in such a short amount of time. She just acts like a big kid now, she's definitely not my baby anymore!

She wouldn't sit still!

She's such a big kid now!

In mid-September, Octavia went to the ENT because of reoccurring strep throat and enlarged tonsils. She ended up getting her tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in her ears two weeks ago. Since she has an atrial-septal heart defect, her ENT wanted her to spend the night in the hospital for monitoring. Everything was fine so we went home the following morning!

Getting ready for surgery!
 Recovery wasn't terrible. She was abnormally cranky in the mornings and had a rough time sleeping but other than that, she was her usual fun, happy self. She was 100% back to normal the following Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). Since having tubes put in, I have already noticed a difference in her language. Her babbles have turned into real words and she is doing a better job of listening. She doesn't always do what you ask her to but what else can you expect from a newly 3-year-old? 😉  
A few days after surgery.

Speaking of being newly 3, Octavia celebrated her 3rd birthday just a few days before her surgery! We didn't do anything super special, just stayed in, ate pizza, opened presents, and had cake and ice cream.

In September, my mom went on her first trip to visit "Lana". Things went well, you can read more here. I am currently hosting an online auction to help raise funds. There are a lot of awesome items up for bid, here's the link to the auction: https://www.facebook.com/binauction/?ref=bookmarks

A few pictures of items that would make perfect Christmas presents. Top row: Crocheted blanket, LulaRoe Christmas Leggings. Bottom row: Jiayou card game (pictures made by orphans), handmade crocheted ladybug coin purse.

I also designed some shirts on Bonfire. All shirts are 3/4 length baseball tees. "Merry Christmas" is available with green or red sleeves, "Let It Snow" is available in blue sleeves, and the "Peace on Earth" shirts have navy sleeves. These shirts are available for 5 more days and need 5 more shirts of each style to print!