Friday, July 18, 2014

Mirthful Jewelry - Take a look!

I am now selling these beautiful necklaces. They're the only ones I have right now but am hoping to expand my selection soon. I will also be creating a Facebook page for these necklaces, so stay tuned!

Each necklace is $10, including shipping! To purchase, either make a donation to my Reece's Rainbow FSP or e-mail me at and I will send you an invoice for the quantity you'd like. If you make a donation to my FSP, please send me a copy of the receipt, along with your mailing address, to the same e-mail.

Starfish Necklace (5)
I picked this necklace specifically because of the Starfish Poem. "It makes a difference to this one." Adopting Zola may not change the world and save all orphans but it will make a difference to her! This beautiful necklace has a chain that is 27" and a clasp (non adjustable). The starfish pendant is 1.5"L by 1.5"H.

Love Necklace (2)
The simple "love" necklace has a chain that is 22" (including the 1.5" word "love") with a clasp is adjustable 2".

Owl Necklace
The colorful owl necklace has a chain that is 27" but doesn't have any sort of clasp (put it on over your head). The owl pendant is 2"L by 2"H.

Dragonfly Necklace
The vintage dragonfly necklace has a chain that is 27" but doesn't have any sort of clasp (put it on over your head). The dragonfly pendant is 1.75"L by 2"W

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Who knows what this is?

Yes! I have USCIS approval, hooray! The approval came over the holiday weekend and a week before my next big fundraiser (which is now this coming weekend, I'll make a post about that tomorrow).

Many of you are probably wondering what this whole USCIS approval is. In order to adopt a child from another country and bring that child to live in the United States, I had to be found suitable and eligible to adopt under U.S. law by USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services). At the time I applied, I also had to submit a copy of my home study. The home study for Hague Convention countries includes detailed information about your health, finances, home, background, etc. Then, I had to go to a local USCIS office to be fingerprinted for the purpose of conducting FBI criminal background checks. After that, I had to wait. During this waiting period is when I received the letter stating my home study was missing some required information and I had to mail USCIS an updated copy.

With this USCIS approval, I am now one step closer to bringing Zola home. I still need to finish up a few forms for my dossier and then I can submit it!