Saturday, March 19, 2016

Three Months Home!

Time passes by so quickly. We have been home for three months now and Octavia has been adjusting well. She's 16 months now and really starting to "talk". Even though her "words" are not clearly understood, she definitely gets her point across!

In January, we saw the pediatric orthopedist about possible hip dysplasia. I'm happy to report that she doesn't have it. We'll be going back in two years for a check up.

We had her cardio appointment in early February and the cardiologist believes that her heart defect is small to moderate but since she hasn't had any issues, I just have to keep an eye on things and we'll be going back in another year.

Earlier this month, we saw the neurologist and he ordered a diagnostic test for Down syndrome. Both the doctor and I thought it would be beneficial in the future to have an official diagnosis. We'll be stopping in to the lab this week to get the test done. Her follow up isn't until April or May so we will have the official results then.

There is a family adopting from the same orphanage Octavia was in. They're a few months away from their pick up trip but are currently working on raising funds for 120 pairs of brand new shoes so the children there can each have their very own shoes. For a $20 donation, you're not only helping to provide an orphan with brand new shoes, you'll have a chance to win a brand new I-Pad Mini. You can read more at Marcy's Blog.

Happy baby!