Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January Updates

First of all, I am hoping to finish my home study THIS WEEK! Well, I will have gotten all of the paperwork together, I just need to get it to my caseworker. One step closer, one step at a time. I will also be working on completing all of the paperwork for my dossier.

If you follow the link, you will find an auction to benefit us and another family (they're adopting FOUR children!). There are so many adorable items! Each item says which family it benefits. The auction ends 1/19. Here is the link:

My Pampered Chef party goes through the 17th. I will attach a link to the Facebook invite and the direct party link. The FB page shows the special purchase. If you purchase $60 in product, you can get your choice of spatula for FREE (mini-serving spatula, large serving spatula, or slice 'n serve). FB link: or direct party link:

You know the Etsy site where you can buy Pralines? Well now you can order ANYTHING off their page and I can get a portion of the sales! How wonderful is that!?! They have winter hats, dish cloths, an adorable tutu, scarves, and more! Here is the link to PlusOneAdoption:

Also, please don't forget my Amazon link! It's already half way through the month and I haven't had any orders!

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