Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hearts for Zola Reminder!!!

"Hearts for Zola" will run through the end of the month!

Every $5 donation to my FSP (click on the widget with Zola's picture on the right side of the blog) gets you one heart! We've had 16 donations so far! Can we get that to 20?! I know I promised pictures at 10 donations but we don't have the the hearts up but they WILL be up by the end of the weekend and I will post them as soon as they're up! "Love for Zola" will be running through the end of February! We have 10 more days to get as many donations for this as possible!

We're also doing a "Love Across America for Zola" fundraiser together with the "Love for Zola" one! Every time someone from a new state donates to my FSP, I will fill in a state! So far, there are only 7 states filled in! My goal is to get donations from all 50 dates! I'd love to do one for Canada, too, so if you're from Canada, please feel free to donate and let me know so I can start a Canadian map!

This is what the map looks like so far, please help me fill it in! Zola's future home state isn't even colored in yet! Bummer!

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