Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hearts for Zola

My mom has been incredibly helpful with all of my fundraising. She's even doing her own fundraiser this month! It's called "Hearts for Zola". For every $5 donation to my FSP (here), a heart will go on the wall with your name on it. You get to choose the color of your heart. These hearts represent the love people have for Zola, the prayers said, and the gratitude I feel towards those that have helped in any way they can.

We have four hearts to hang right now. Once I get to 10 I will take a picture and show the progress that is being made. Only 6 more donations to get there! If you feel moved to donate and do so through my FSP (link is above and also on the right side of my blog), please comment with the amount and color of heart you'd like. If you don't want your name/amount published, you can always e-mail me (skobenauf@gmail.com). I've also set up a GoFundMe account that you can donate to (here).

Please feel free to share my fundraiser, donation links, or blog with anyone you think would benefit from my journey. Thank you so much!

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