Monday, August 11, 2014

Sponsor a Beanie for an Orphan!

I'm still waiting on the last few pieces of paper to finish my dossier. I am hoping to have it in the mail to my placement agency by the first weekend in September. I can do it!

I posted back in April that I had Beanie Babies that I was going to give to the orphanages in Zola's country. I still have several available for sponsorship. I will bring each sponsored one with me when I travel on my first trip. These beanies will be donated to Zola's orphanage for the children to play with. Not only will you be helping to bring Zola home but you will be "purchasing" a toy for an orphan to play with. Here's a link to the original post: click

For every $5 donation, you can sponsor a Beanie and choose which one will travel with me to Eastern Europe. To sponsor a beanie, please donate to my FSP and e-mail me at or comment here with which Beanie you'd like to sponsor.

When one is sponsored, I will update the original post. Once they're all sponsored, I will also create a new post to specifically thank each and every one of you that sponsored a beanie! These are the beanies currently without a sponsor:

Congo the Gorilla

Rosalie the Bear (without the clothes)

Stretch the Ostrich

Bongo the Monkey, teenie beanies (2 available to be sponsored)

Derby the Horse - sponsored by Jenny

Stripes the Tiger - sponsored by Ivy A.

Almond the Bear

Mel the Koala (2 available, one regular size, one teeny beanie) - sponsored by Jenny

Spinner the Spider

Batty the Bat

Claude the Crab

Iggy the Iguana - sponsored by Ivy A.

Gracie the Swan - sponsored by Jaime B.

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I look forward to catching up with your journey. I am an adoptive parent too and I live I West Michigan! Hope everything goes well for you.