Saturday, April 4, 2015

Four Fast Facts for Saturday

I know I don't update enough but I try, I really do!

First -- I have reviewed the files of 6 children and am currently mulling over my options. I am hoping to make a decision within the next week or two.

Second -- My placement agency received an update from the team in-country and said that my file was not reviews in the most recent batch before the Prime Minister but they're hopeful that it will be reviewed next month. So, it's possible that I will travel in May to meet the child I have decided to adopt!

Third -- The flower bulb fundraiser I did last fall was pretty successful so I decided to do another this spring. These bulbs are planted in the spring and flower late summer to fall. The link is here. These Sarah Bernhardt Peonies are my personal favorite.

Fourth -- My birthday is tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow as in Easter, Resurrection Sunday. In all my years, I've never gotten the chance to celebrate my birthday on Easter. I'm excited! In honor of my birthday tomorrow, please consider donating $9, $29, $45, or any amount you'd like to my Reece's Rainbow FSP (here). I could use the pick me up. Thanks.

I look forward to updating once I have more information on the child I will be adopting. I cannot wait to share!

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