Sunday, November 15, 2015

T-Shirt Relaunch + Update

I received my NVC Numbers on Oct. 30. More accurately, I received them on Oct. 28 but didn't see them until Friday because they ended up in my Spam box! I sent the numbers to my agency who filled out the appropriate paperwork. 

I was told on Wednesday that my attorney would be filing for court on Thursday but I still haven't found out when my court date is. We are *hoping* that court will be November 30 but I should be finding out tomorrow (Monday). If I have court on the 30th, Peaches and I should get home just in time for Christmas! How wonderful would that be?!

T-Shirt Relaunch + Bonus:
I have re-launched my "love down syndrome" shirt campaign. It can be found here:

If I sell at least 12 shirts, I will donate 25% of the earnings from this campaign to the Angel Tree child or RR Family (must have active FSP) of the winner's choice. Here's how it will work:

- 1 entry per person for sharing this post
- 2 entries per person for each shirt purchased 
Email me a copy of your receipt and the family or Angel Tree child you would like the earning to go to if you win. When the campaign ends, I will post the winner here. 

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