Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Greetings from Eastern Europe!

I left on Friday at 1:45 pm and arrived here Sunday at 1:20 am. There weren't any problems on any of my flights and I had layovers in Detroit (only an hour), Amsterdam, and Moscow.

Once I got to the apartment, I unpacked everything and went to bed. I slept late because jetlag hit me a lot worse this time than it did last time. Once I got up on Sunday and got going, my translator took me around and showed me where the local market was, where the money exchange was, etc. I'm in a different part of town than I was last time so it feels a bit different. After she showed me around, I ended at the market (the Vernissage) to pick up a few souvenirs. I will probably end up going back next Sunday since there isn't much else to do!

Yesterday morning, I spent some time hanging out with Peaches at the orphanage. She has her first tooth, she just recently started sitting up, she is crawling, and she loves to hold my hands to stand up. I was worried that the clothes I brought wouldn't fit her but they're just the right size for her!

In the afternoon, I had court. It started at 5:00 pm and was done by 5:18 pm. The judge said to come back on Wednesday, December 2 for the court decree. Once I get the court decree, I can get Peaches from the orphanage. What a great day that will be!!!

It's raining today so besides going to the orphanage and out to lunch, I've just hung out at the apartment.

Cannot wait for tomorrow!

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