Thursday, December 3, 2015


Tonight, as I was rocking my sweet girl in my arms, I couldn't help but think about the children still waiting. ChristianReese, and Callum especially.

I have met all three. They're wonderful little boys who don't deserve a life in an orphanage (no child does). They deserve a mama who will kiss their boo-boos and a papa who will play catch with them. They deserve a chance to live outside orphanage walls. To go for long walks, to have clothes of their own, to have toys that belong to them. Yes, these boys all have special needs but that shouldn't make them less worthy of a family. Doesn't every child deserve the love of a family?

Callum (almost 6)

Callum is completely lovable and wants nothing more than hugs. He is mild mannered and tends to go off alone and play with a toy rather than join the rest of the group. He's a love bug and very strong, which is surprising given his size! He is friendly and has a beautiful smile.

Christian (6)

Christian's caregivers are very surprised that he is still waiting for a family. He's doing very well and has age appropriate self-help skills. He is verbal, can dress himself, he makes his bed, and is fully potty-trained. He's a quiet guy who plays well by himself and with the other children in his group.

Reese (8)

Reese's smile is infectious! He also has big blue eyes, so pretty! He loves to be a part of the other children's laughter and joy. Reese is verbal. He will often start prayers and has them memorized. He's bright but his current physical limitations hold him back. He would thrive in a family who could provide him with the therapies he needs.

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