Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 6: Down Syndrome and Families

Day 6 - How will having a child with Down syndrome affect my family?

According to a study published by Dr. Brian Skotko in 2011 (found here):

  • 99% of parents/guardians said they loved their child with Down syndrome
  • 79% felt their outlook on life was more positive because of their child
  • 5% felt embarrassed by their child
  • 4% regretted having their child
Of siblings age 12 and older:
  • 94% expressed feelings of pride about their sibling
  • 7% felt embarrassed by their sibling
  • 4% would "trade their sibling in" for another
  • 88% said they felt they were better people because of their sibling with Down syndrome
Of siblings age 9-11:
  • 97% said they loved their sibling
  • 90% felt their friends are comfortable around their sibling
People with Down syndrome:
  • 99% said they were happy with their lives
  • 97% liked who they are
  • 96% liked how they look
  • 86% indicated they could make friends easily
  • 4% expressed sadness about their life
The parents surveyed reported learning a variety of life lessons, the top five being personal self-growth, patience, acceptance/respect, love, joy.

What, exactly, does this show? It shows that raising a person with Down syndrome is a largely positive experience and people with Down syndrome are happy with their lives. Love them, value them. Your life will change immensely (for the better) because of your child.

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