Monday, October 14, 2013

Missing Monday: Brett

What is "Missing Monday"? Every Monday, I will be posting about a special needs child that is available for adoption. They're "missing" because they do not have a family to call their own. Their forever family has yet to find them but by advocating for them and putting their picture and their story out there, I am hoping that their family will find them.

How can you deny this adorable face? Doesn't he look like a big ball of FUN?!

Meet Brett.

Brett is an adorable, lovable, and handsome 6-year-old. He was born with cerebral palsy and gets around on his own by crawling but isn't able to walk. Therapy will do wonders for him! His physical disability limits his lower body, specifically his legs and feet, but he is very strong in the upper body and crawls very quickly.

Brett is very smart and curious. Due to having an institutional life thus far, he does have some learning and language delays but he still speaks in complete phrases around people he trusts. He enjoys cars, coloring, and games. He gets excited by pictures of dogs and other animals (he might LOVE living in a home with pets). He plays well with other children, likes classes, enjoys making pyramids, and loves it when he is read to.

His ideal family should be prepared to deal with some institutional behaviors and traumas. He will need the most assistance in understanding rules, family, and nurturing relationships. More photos of Brett are available. Brett has a grant of almost $7,600, which would make adoption much more affordable!

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