Thursday, October 3, 2013

This is my AT girl, Leanne!

Name: Leanne
Age: 11
Location: Asia
About: Leanne was born with Down Syndrome. She's a very bright and caring girl. Until recently, she was the youngest in her "family" (group home) and now has a little sister to dote on. She's a wonderful and caring big sister. Leanne is happy and lovely and loves to sing and dance.

People that have met Leanne are honestly surprised that she hasn't been adopted yet, she's that great of a girl! She is available to married couples and single moms. In Leanne's region, adoptions run $25,000-30,000 and there is typically one trip lasting 10-14 days. They prefer that at least one parent be 30-54 years old. On Reece's Rainbow, she currently has $2,700 in grant money to help her parents afford her adoption.

I would be thrilled if Leanne was on the "My Family Found Me" list before the end of the year. Are you her parent? Do you know someone who would be great parents for Leanne? If so, please share this thread. If you want more information on Leanne, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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