Monday, July 27, 2015

A Beanie Baby Update!

UPDATE: July 29, 2015
ALL BEANIES HAVE BEEN SPONSORED!!!!! Thank you to all who have donated! Your donations are truly appreciated!!

I ended up bringing 22 Beanie Babies with me on trip one. I gave a few to a privately run orphanage (run by nuns, wonderful people) and gave the rest to two groups of older children at Peaches' orphanage. The Beanies were hits with all three groups! I even got to meet some children currently listed as available for international adoption. Which means I got to meet one of my favorite kids. Oh, how I wish I could have scooped him up and loved on him!

I have 5 Beanies that were not sponsored before my first trip but I would like to bring them with me next trip. For a $5 donation to my FSP, one of these Beanies can be "yours".

(top, left to right) Almond the Bear sponsored by Madeleine W., Spinner the Spider sponsored by Laurie M., and Claude the Crab sponsored by Jocelyn
(bottom, left to right) Rosalie the Bear sponsored by Laurie M., Bongo the Teenie Beanie Monkey sponsored by Laurie M.

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