Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hello from Eastern Europe!

I made it here early Sunday morning and my driver was waiting for me at the airport. We arrived to my apartment around 4:30 in the morning and I took a few hour nap before getting up for the day.

Monday was an unexpected day off here so I couldn't visit the Minister of Justice until Tuesday, which gave me one less day to spend with Peaches. Monday was a day off because there was a holiday, called Vardavar "Water Day", on Sunday. The government literally decided on Saturday that they would work that day so they could have Monday off.

I got to meet Peaches on Tuesday afternoon (the morning was dedicated to going to the MoJ office) and she is amazing, you guys! She wasn't too outgoing the first time we were together but the following day, Wednesday morning, she was much more outgoing with me, making noises, smiling, and playing. She even fell asleep in my arms during my Wednesday afternoon visit! I ended up seeing Zola, the girl I was originally going to adopt, twice on Wednesday. That was pretty cool.

I'm about to head out for my second visit of the day. This has seriously been an exciting trip. This is a wonderful country and the people here are great! Many of the younger people speak English and even if someone doesn't, it's fairly easy to communicate.

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